Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Ode to Weeds

Oh, beautiful for flowers small and wild variety,
Famed for unique design and curious complexity,

Nearly camouflaged in color, some of you are barely seen;
Others sprout in wild defiance, proudly wearing shades of green.

Persistently determined (from experience I’ve learned)
Emblazoned in a sidewalk crack when my back is turned.

Spring’s recent shower seems to have revitalized your beauty;
Strong-willed, you keep coming back, your staunchly stubborn duty.

Your bonnie blooms are completely unappreciated;
Your usefulness, my dislike of you, is now contemplated.

Your roots so long and tangled in non-uniformity;
I tug and then I conquer you, your toughness I can see.

I question all the work involved, oh, what is best to do?
Pull by hand in admiration, or spray the toxic brew?

In God’s wisdom He designed this fascinating sphere,
But I question your invasion, especially right here.

Would that I had gardened in Eden so far away and fair,
Then this irritating burden would not be mine to bear.

Your rowdy seed I do not need, as yet the breezes blow;
I ponder life’s existence and things I do not know.

Here, in conclusion, my simple song I urge you heed,
In tribute grudgingly, this springtime Ode to Weeds.

By Elaine Hardt ©2005