Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Wish You Flowers

Sculptured fragrance that whispers of love: the perfect rose
in creamy white, crimson red, golden-peach elegant clothes.

Delicate snow-white baby’s breath, gladiola and iris, too,
Ruffled petunia, orchids, violets, flowers of every hue.

There’s more! God’s bounty of beauty lavishly growing
Around the world a dazzling array of form and color showing.

I wish you flowers even more remarkable than any of these;
Picture a hedge with sharp thorns, taller than trees.

That’s part of its splendor. Thorns? you cry.
Yes! Well-watered, thriving, reaching to the sky.

God gives each believer a hedge of protection.
The colors are a product of sanctified imagination.

How about green, with royal-purple budded exclamations?
Or, maybe pale gray leaves and flaming blood-red carnations?

As absolute protection against all that would assault and harm our lives
His hedge perfectly encircles and wondrously beautifies,

Allowing us to bloom where we’re planted, refreshed by blessing showers.
So for today and always, my friend, I wish you a hedge of flowers.

— Elaine Hardt ©1995
Photo by Carlene Hardt ©2006