Thursday, August 24, 2006

Maybe You're Wondering, Too

What if God answered our prayers
With an immediate, “yes” every time,
so we could count on His speedy reply?
We’d be His boss, and He, our employee,
Our wisdom replacing His;
We wouldn’t reflect or ask ourselves, “Why?”

We’d be feeling self-important,
Neglecting our need to trust and obey,
Plunging recklessly into things we’ve planned.
Carelessly we would shortchange our learning,
Forgetting humility,
Miss quiet moments in His loving hand;

God won’t let us be in control;
He alone is awesome and almighty.
But we’re expecting, when it’s not yet time,
Rest and remember His Word and goodness;
Ask for discernment and grace,
So thankful He is merciful and kind.