Wednesday, August 23, 2006

13 Reasons to be Happy!

1. There is a God. We aren’t alone in the Universe.

2. He made an astoundingly interesting world for us to live on.

3. He made us with amazingly complex and useful bodies to live in.

4. He lets us choose what to do and how to do it. He allows each one of us one lifetime to learn by experience.

5. He allows us to be affected by various items, so we can be motivated to learn. These items include such things as natural events, other people, and our own thoughts and actions.

6. Life is not just physical; there are spiritual aspects, too. Deception, lies, and evil of all kinds originated with Satan, and continue to harass us, but we can do something about the negative spiritual aspects.

7. We can know God’s intentions and His desired results. We can know His methods from what His Word tells us.

8. God made a way so our imperfections and sins can be forgiven. If we do it His way we can spend Eternity with Him in awesome joy and love.

9. There is no other religion or system of beliefs that offers a way to be pardoned and set free from sin, its effects, and its certain future. If there were some other way to be forgiven Jesus would not have had to die on the cross.

10. When we own up to our slightly flawed attitude, our slightly selfish and sometimes lazy life-style, and our slightly mean tendencies towards other people, then we are on the way to a wonderful new beginning.

11. When we say, “Father, this is too hard. I need You,” and when we say, “Father, I am sorry,” He is pleased that we are learning to be honest. When we say, “I agree with You, Father,” He is pleased that we are paying attention.

12. Even in the biggest trouble we can find some reason to be happy. It could be worse. Other people have it worse. We can handle it better now than we did before, because we are stronger. God did not plan for us to become gods, ourselves. We will always need Him; this is good.

Yes there are more reasons than these. You can probably think of some. One of the happiest thoughts a person can have is this: Since I asked God to forgive me and I invited Jesus to be my Savior and Friend that means I am ready to meet my Maker, my Heavenly Father after I die, and according to His Word I will live forever and ever. This is the ultimate security, the happiest reason for the happiest life.