Sunday, December 04, 2016

YOUR Assignment That Will Help YOUR Kids

Two reasons why you don’t want to do this.  (It’s a challenge, but you can certainly do it.)  
It will take a little time.
You will need to check the spelling and punctuation to make it look nice. 

Two reasons why you should do this now — that means this week.
Your kids deserve to know it.
It is a display of your love and your concern.

One big benefit that you will no doubt receive when you do this.
The LORD will bless you in some wonderful way when you sincerely pray   
       about it and sit down and DO it.

So, what’s the assignment?
Write down on a piece of paper how and when you decided to become a  
Elaborate:  how old you were, what motivated you to ask God for   
Explain how you invited Jesus into your heart.
  Describe what led up to this decision, then describe what happened 

You can do it.  Search your memory.  Choose the words to use.  Write down 
          version one.
Give it a couple of days, then read it over and make any little 
           improvements.  Save one copy of it for yourself. 

Now, present it to the first person the LORD brings to your mind. Smile.  
      Let them read it and share any comments with you.

Which kid, or which sibling, or which friend comes to mind now?  Copy it for 
Etc. — etc. — etc. 
                                                             + + + 

         by Elaine Hardt ©2016