Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Goodbye, Frustration! Hello, Celebration!

You’re too busy?  Ticked off?  Depressed?
Look at the Bible, take a little time.
You’ll be impressed, you’ll be blessed!
Read how much God loves YOU.

There’s nothing to pay, nothing specific to say,
No earning God’s forgiveness;
No specific words you must pray —
Read how much God has done for you.

What’s right you want to do, and find what’s true,
Your Creator sees and knows and loves YOU.
Jesus died for your sin, to cleanse your heart within,
And life in Heaven after dying waits for you.

The Gospels tell the life of Jesus, you’ll see. 
You are wondering how?  Don’t read the whole Bible now!
The small book of Acts gives a short history;
You need to find out for yourself, and do it soon. 

Life is full complication! Avoid resignation!
Give yourself some time to find information. 
Go from frustration to celebration;
So, what do YOU say?  Today’s a great day!

by Elaine Hardt ©2016