Friday, November 27, 2015

'Twas the Day After Thanksgiving

'Twas the day after Thanksgiving and time for a rest,
Certainly each year we say, “This was the best.”
With family nearby and some who drove some miles;
We had time to talk and to exchange our smiles.

The food?  Ah, yes, amazing kinds --  a lot and a lot!
It was yummy, and we asked, “Is this what you brought?”  
We had time to help in the kitchen and time flew along,
Finally, the prayer of thanks and the family song.

Yes, we thank God for His many, many blessings,
Then set the table with turkey, gravy, and dressings.
(Well, there was a lot more food, and some doesn’t rhyme,
But I’ll try to be more specific when I write you next time.) 

Catching up on extended family news, you know,
Then more hugs and kisses when someone had to go.
The time flies by when you have fun with family,
Then reluctant good-byes, some day later YOU we’ll see.

We’ll plan ahead and of course, keep each other in prayer,
This is a family of faith, hope, love, and care!

by Elaine Hardt @ 2015 

"Be present at our table, LORD
be here and everywhere adored.
these mercies bless and grant that we
may strengthened for Thy service be."