Sunday, November 15, 2015

Success Comes When - - -

Review the basics.
1. Life is full of choices for me to make.
2. In my own ability I cannot make all the right decisions or do all the right things.
3. God allows this so I will see that I need Him in my life.
4. If success was easy we wouldn’t have opportunity to learn.

Come into agreement with what God says.
1. God wants us to be saved, healed, victorious.
2. Jesus has already done it all. He has provided for salvation, healing, victory.
3. God invites us to boldly come and take what He offers.
4. I must personally accept Jesus as my Savior.
5. His Holy Spirit comes to live within us, enabling us to do what pleases Him.

Review what the Bible says about the devil.
1. The devil will lie and deceive us so he can destroy us.
2. He will make us miserable so our testimony is ineffective.
3. He has a legal right to attack us when we are in disobedience to God.

Pray for wisdom, and be obedient to do what God reveals.
1. He will give us direction when we ask.
2. We must listen and obey.

Speak aloud — say all three —to live daily in His power.
1. Claim, out loud, God’s promises from Scripture. Talk to God.
2. Serve notice, out loud to the devil. Enforce God’s Word; announce victory.
3. Bless yourself, out loud, telling your mind, will and emotions to line up with God’s Word.

Fight the battle of faith every day.
1. Rebuke the spirit of fear and anger and confusion.
2. Keep your mouth from speaking defeat, illness, pain, and trouble.
3. Read and listen to the Word.
4. Thank God for all He has done.

Trust God with boldness and confidence.
1. God is sovereign and powerful and knows all about it.
2. God will do what He says, in His time.
3. We have only one lifetime here and now to live for Him.
4. Eventually we will lay our physical body down, but we will live forever.
5. Nothing can separate us from the love of God; Eternity with Him will be awesome, wonderful! 

“Fight the good fight of faith,” I Timothy 6:12
+ + + 

By Elaine Hardt  original version ©1999,  rewritten @2015