Saturday, September 26, 2015

My Most Practical and URGENT Request

Oh, Lord, help me keep all my marbles!
I don’t want to lose what You’ve given to me;
I don’t want to neglect living good now, as You can see.

Oh, Lord, fix my forgetter!
Help me remember what I’m starting to forget;
There’s so much inside my head, and I don’t want to regret.

Oh, Lord, fix my learner!
Help me acquire the knowledge I’m gonna need so;
The rest of the world keeps doing new stuff that I need to know.

Oh, Lord, fix my sorter-outer!
Help me get things in logical order for work and play;
Have names and dates and places for what I’ll need each day.

Oh, Lord, fix my analyzer! 
Help me improve my thinking things through;
I’d like to understand why and how and when and who.

Oh, Lord, fix my thinker!
Help me notice and find ways to be helpful to others, too;
The world needs to be reminded that Your love is true!

Oh, Lord, fix my attitude!
Help me not lose track of my life’s biggest goal
To go to Heaven when I die; You saved my soul!

Thank You Thank You Thank You!
                            By Elaine Hardt ©2015