Monday, February 17, 2014

You Will Decide

Give up . . .  or . . .  get up?
Call it quits . . .  or . . .  quit complaining?
Get over it . . .  and get going? 

Yes, things are a general mess;
  When it might improve is just a guess.
  But you have one life,
  And you can overcome this strife!

  Others have put up with worse stuff . . . 
  They held on, came through, got tough.
  Don’t consider resignation;
  Display your determination.

  There’s a spark of hope in your brain;
  You can hold on through this strain.
  Someone who cares is telling you,
  Don’t give up, you ARE not through!

  Who is telling you to quit?
  The Devil is doing it! 
  But God has a strong plan,
  And you’ll be a surviving man!

You WILL decide and do what’s right;
  Keeping failure way out of sight.
  Focus, not because I told you so,
  But because it’s the best way to go!  

By Elaine Hardt ©2011