Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Not Enough Time to Worry

I don’t have adequate time to properly worry about what I just heard;
Can we just hit Pause for now?
I need to recuperate from the previous trouble left over from yesterday;
Sometimes I don’t even know how.

God, You see everything that’s happening, all that’s good and all that’s bad,
For each challenge there’s a reason;
I open the Bible to see what wisdom is written for me to learn:
I’m in a growing season.

I don’t want to limp along, following a careless, misbehaving crowd,
I want to achieve something good;
I pray for direction, protection, ability, stability, provision
Show me, help me do what I should. 

Life’s too short to experiment with all that’s alluring us to evil,
I don’t want to reject God’s love.
One of these days will be my last day to breathe here on earth,
I want eternal life, Above.

Forgiveness requires honest repentance, not pretending to believe,
You remind me to trust and obey;
You are Creator of the vast Universe, and You love each of us; 
Show me what to do today.

By Elaine Hardt ©2014