Friday, January 17, 2014

Things Got Worse, Before They Got Better

Things got worse, before they got better,
But God’s blessing made all the difference to this man.
Maybe something of this will speak to you. 

Just a young boy, his mother had died;
His other brothers teased and made fun of him,
But God gave him two dreams to hold on to. 

It wasn’t fair that he was mistreated, 
Brothers sold him into slavery in a foreign land;
Lies blamed him for what he didn’t do.

He kept strong inside and didn’t give up,
Each time he stepped up to do the best he could;
Amazingly, this story is true.

For years things were unpredictable,
But faith in God made the difference;
Others observed, but this man knew.

God had a purpose and God had a plan,
Wonderful advancement came to this man;
His success surprises me and you. 

Later, these same brothers came there,
Not knowing who this man in leadership was;
They were desperate and without a clue.

Amazingly, he forgave his brothers;
That opened the door for their survival,
Their provision and opportunity grew.

His life an example of doing good,
He trusted God, we can learn from Joseph, too; 
Troubles are tests, the choice is up to you.

You’ll want to read this account again:
Genesis 37, then chapters 39 to 47;
Read this information anew. 

Things can get worse before they get better,
The challenge is to trust and obey the LORD;
Consider this yourself, then you follow through.  

By Elaine Hardt ©2014