Saturday, January 25, 2014

God Speaks

To some, God speaks in storms or surf or mountain stream;
they hear His voice outdoors where His majesty is seen.
Others seek to hear in many different ways,
as they’re pondering the meaning of life’s days.

God does speak; He has not left us or turned away. . . 

I will wait and I will listen every day.
We can hear Him in the pages of His Word;
Jesus came to earth so God’s message could be heard. 

God’s audible voice I have not been blessed to hear,
but His Holy Spirit tells us He is very near.
Someday I will hear God’s voice as I stand before His throne,
hear Him say, “Welcome!  you are saved by grace alone.”

Then, how I long to hear those awesome words:  “Well done!
You are deeply loved, my good and faithful one.
Heaven’s angels have watched you, and they rejoice;
you obeyed even when you did not hear My voice.” 

by Elaine Hardt ©1996