Saturday, September 14, 2013

Gracias - شكرا - dank u - danke - dziękuję - köszönöm - teşekkür ederim

        You and I are thoughtful people when we pause in our busy lifestyle of going, doing, earning, and entertaining ourselves. Thinking means we can find reasons to be thanking.  
        Did you recognize "thanks" in Spanish, Arabic, Dutch,  German, Polish,  Hungarian and Turkish in the title above? Thanks to  we can find 72 languages of the world both written and audibly spoken.
        We do say, “Thank you” at many appropriate times.  And there’s lots of similar phrases:  express gratitude, show appreciation, verbalize our recognition, give credit, extend acknowledgement.  
        Probably a few words of kind recognition for something someone has said or done or started to do or achieved will show our appreciation.  Perhaps we need to do this more frequently.
        What about thanking the LORD for His blessings?  Even a rainy day can give us reason to pause and give thanks for some aspect of the situation. 
        We don’t need to wait until Thanksgiving Day to express thanks.  : ) 
                                                                                             by Elaine Hardt ©2013