Sunday, September 23, 2012

Set Free From Life's Disappointments

                                    Stop fussing, settle down;
you can be happy!
God wants to set you free 
from life’s disappointments.
He wants you to learn
to be stronger and wiser.

The LORD knows your frustration
as disappointments crowd in.

He allows that desperation
so you’ll relinquish your own
imagination and ideas,
questions and ego. 

You can find contentment in 
snuggling closer to Jesus
for the touch only God can give.
Then His Holy Spirit
can point out from His Word
what you need to see.

Life’s disappointments come;
there is still work to be done,
challenging a wavering faith
to fuller obedience.
Our ways are not His ways;
ahead lies greater maturity. 

Stop fussing, settle down;
you can be happy,
God wants to set you free! 

By Elaine Hardt ©2004