Saturday, February 04, 2012

What Are YOU Doing, When You're Thinking?

        Here's an ABC list of what might be happening when you're thinking.  Can you add to this?
Anticipating, assessing, analyzing
Browsing, brainstorming, birthing a bright idea
Cogitating, considering, conjecturing, creating, concocting, concluding, contemplating
Deliberating, devising, dream about, determining, deciding
Envisioning, estimating, expecting, evaluating

Glimpsing, guessing
Having a second thought
Introspecting, imagining, intending, inventing
Jostling an idea, judging
Kicking an idea around
Listening inside your head, looking for logic
Meaning to do, musing, meditating
Needing answers
Organizing, open-minded opinion
Pro & conning, picturing, pondering, philosophizing, presuming
Remembering, reconsidering, ruminating, reasoning, reckoning
Sizing it up, scheming, surmising, supposing
Thinking it over again, taking time
Visualizing, vacillating
X = examining
Zeroing in

        Is that all? No, you’ll probably think of some that are missing from this list.
        But appreciate the wondrous ability to “think.” Be thankful for a clear mind.  God gave you a brain for you to use and develop.
        Might be a good idea to pray about what you’re thinking about. You need adequate evidence to conquer confusion. Sometimes, you need more time!
        No wonder that thinking sometimes wears you out! Or, perhaps it energizes you?
        Hmmmmm. Think about it.   + + +

By Elaine Hardt ©2012