Friday, February 10, 2012

Facing Changes

Transitions — some chosen and some not,
Inflicting discomfort lasting longer than you thought,
Prompting a new look at your perceived ability,
Demanding a new response of mental agility.
Take a look, define the problem more clearly,
Define those values you hold more dearly.
Exercise patience, be honest in prayer,
Prove to yourself how thoughtfully you care.

Grow stronger by your determination
Reach out to the God of this amazing creation!
Truly, the universe was grandly made,
And by Jesus, God’s love was wonderfully displayed.
Turn from the world’s fascination with illusion;
Ask God to deliver you from any confusion.
A day for dying is undeniable,
You need a belief that is true, reliable.

Stanza one by Elaine Hardt @2009, Stanza 2 added by Elaine ©2012