Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Coming to Terms with Truth, His or Mine?

        The tiny, trapped lizard would open up conversation of a serious issue between Josh and his dad.  With Josh thoroughly enjoying his high school astronomy class it was time to have a talk. 
      A casual comment by Josh was, “The sky is full of stars and planets. No one has ever found God yet.  Telescopes don’t lie. People smarter than us accept the fact of evolution.”
      “Son, you know we believe in the God of the Bible and creation, not evolution,” his dad began.  They sat at the kitchen table nibbling on Mom’s chocolate chip cookies. 
       “Oh, look!  Look there on the patio door!  Josh pointed out a tiny lizard, probably   inch long clinging to the sliding screen door outside the sliding glass door.  A closer look showed that the tiny creature was trapped between the two doors, holding on to the screen with his feet.  There was no way out.  
     Josh slowly opened the sliding glass door; dad grabbed a paper towel and gently captured the little guy.  Then he quickly went out in the patio and placed the paper towel on the floor.  The lizard didn’t move at all for a long minute or two.  Finally, Josh and his dad retreated inside to view from there.  Then the freed captive skittered off to the gravel yard.  
       “Talk about an object lesson, Josh, that’s one for the books.  The lizard had the whole backyard to live in, but he squeezed into that one dangerous place.  Hmmm.  Reminds me of Adam and Eve,” his dad surmised.
      The talk between father and teenage son was launched right then, thanks to the tiny, trapped lizard.  Father reminded Josh that our Creator is magnificent, big and grand.  Creation shows us but a bit of His handiwork.  God gave the first man and first woman one restriction, call it a Commandment if you will.  Their disobedience has caused its effects for thousands of years as the human race inherited what’s called a tendency to “sin.”  
     Down through the years of history mankind has had notions of gods who were more intelligent and more powerful than men.  They constructed idols, objects to worship, adore, and pray to. From archeology there’s no record of any of these gods expressing love for mankind or showing how sins can be totally forgiven.  Only Almighty God sent His Son, Jesus to pay the penalty for our sin.  We can ask for total forgiveness by His mercy and grace. 
     “So, what is truth, Josh?”  Dad gently prodded.  “Can you come to terms with God who so loved you and provided a way for you to be saved for eternity?”
     Quietly, you and I tip-toe away as Josh comes to terms with his uncertainties and settles the issue of truth.

by Elaine Hardt ©2011