Sunday, May 01, 2011

What's Happening in Ghana

        Perhaps you've already seen the children's photo posted earlier.  Perhaps you're wondering about these orphans in Africa; and perhaps you wonder how we know about them.
        In 2007 granddaughter Joy was just 22 and in nursing school when she volunteered at a hospital in Ghana, Africa.  Her heart was touched and she co-founded HardtHaven, an orphanage in Kpando.
        Never heard of the town? Copy this:   6°59'57.28"N  0°18'9.43"E  and paste it in the Search box on Google Earth to find it.
        What's happening these days?  Joy, now a Navy nurse LTJG, finished her deployment to Djibouti, Africa and is back in the U.S.  The HardtHaven blog has been updated, and you'll want to take a look here.
        Joy tells us these orphans need our help.  She writes, "We have finally achieved charity status with the IRS.  Our tax exempt number is 26-1469965 so when you donate via PayPal or check it is now fully deductible."
        Who are these youngsters? Joy explains, "The HardtHaven family has grown to 33 children.  In 2010, at the request of the government , we took in 13 former forced child laborers in addition to the 20 AIDS orphans we’ve been caring for. We started several community education and health projects and continued our sponsorship of AIDS affected families. HardtHaven was able to provide comfort to many end-stage AIDS victims and emergency medical sponsorship for several severely ill children;  2010 was a year of great growth for us."
        April 2010 was Joy's latest trip to HardtHaven, her 6th trip there.  She has volunteers and helpers, but what they especially need now are people like you and me to contribute and to pray for these dear little kids.