Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Egypt, Pakistan, Syria, Israel, Iran, (etc.)

Egypt, Pakistan, Syria, Israel, Iran, etc.
Political disasters and war,
Japan's earthquakes and tsunami,
Flooding in the U.S. and more!

World-wide trouble and uncertainties,
Some people want to run and hide;
Others are consumed with worry,
Their aspirations and dreams have died.

Financial collapse, dishonesty,
Fearful investor and debtor;
Is there any reason for hope
that the future could be any better?

By myself, I am only one, without
power to change the world to right,
But I will pray and help the suffering,
and speak out against sin's dark night.

I'm not caving in to what is wrong,
My life will be spent doing the good I can;
God gives each person the chance to repent,
The Bible reveals His righteous plan.

Judgment Day will be some day,
Jesus still speaks through His Word;
Time to pay attention, people!
The Gospel is the best news you've heard.

There's coming an end to sin and sorrow,
An amazing, happy day it will be,
Never-ending life for those forgiven,
Reason to celebrate eternally.

by Elaine Hardt ©2011