Tuesday, January 25, 2011

You Are the Only One Who Can Do THIS.

Glancing at the calendar, yes, there will be a Valentine’s Day this year. Merchants of all types have been clamoring for attention for weeks already. Buy this, buy that, etc. But, whoa down. There is one gift that is totally irreplaceable for that special kid, or sweetie-pie, or friend. You are the only one who can do it and give it. And it doesn’t cost any money. Read on, because you are the only one who can do THIS.

You have spent time with this person, done things, said things. You’ve discussed things together and, in some way, this person has influenced you.

Here it comes. Sit down and write something to him, to her. Perhaps recall something specific that you appreciate, or something specific that will be meaningful to this person.

Keep in mind that you are not writing this for a grade in Advanced Writing at ASU. No teacher will critique your use of commas or quotation marks. Relax and write from the heart.

You are not writing a best seller, so length is not a worry. Value your memories and ideas and intentions in writing this. Get started today and pat yourself on the back when you’ve filled one whole page. Now, sit back and relax. Tomorrow you will read it, perhaps add to it, perhaps rearrange some words here and there. Your clever brain has been silently thinking about this project overnight and can offer you some great improvements by the second day. Do it.

Don’t take the easy way out this year. Yes, there are pretty $5.95 cards with cute sentiments. What you recall and write about it is more valuable than a $69.99 bouquet of roses, delivered. What you write and give to this person is more valuable than a $29.99 box of chocolates, or even a dinner out at that fancy place downtown.

Mom and Dad, this is your year for this special gift for each of your children, young or old. Kids, this is your year to write something special for Mom and Dad. In fact, unless you live alone in a cave in California there is at least one somebody who has been in your life who would be a good person to write about. Do it in handwriting or on the computer, but don’t settle for a Tweet or an off-the-cuff quickie. This is a two-day project, and I’m firm about that.

Your feelings count, and so do your memories with this person-- the one whose name popped into your mind back in the second paragraph above. Pat yourself on the back for reading this, so far. Now, smile. Let me congratulate you on your good intentions, and on the final results, which you should hold in your hand within two days from now.

Oh, and an early Happy Valentine’s Day to you from me,

Elaine Hardt ©2011