Thursday, January 06, 2011

Ordering Up a Birthday Blessing for Joy

        “Hello. You’ve reached Birthday Blessings. How may I direct your call?”
        “Ummmmm. Oh, you’re really there. This is not a recording, is it?”
        “Yes, this is real. We are happy to personally handle your requests. Which department would you like to contact?”
        “This is regarding a birthday coming up for Joy Ann Hardt. Do you need her ID number or military designation or her email address?”
        “No, ma’am. Joy Hardt is in our database because we are cross-referenced with prayer requests. And I see by records here that you sent a prayer request for her yesterday.”
        “Yes, but now it’s time to get going on a birthday blessing. I don’t know how busy you are at this time of year. Oh, I guess that’s no problem for you!”
        “Do you have a specific idea, or do you want our Surprise Me! Special?”

        “She’s clear off in Africa and she’s so-o-o-o busy. I really don’t know what she needs. And I’ve already learned that my Heavenly Father does not need my suggestions. I just love it when He surprises us with even little-bitty blessings.”
        “Yes, the sizing is best left up to Him. Just make room in your heart by a willingness to receive the blessing, and then wipe the fixations out of your eyes, so you’ll recognize His goodness, even if it appears somewhat camouflaged at first.”
        “That’s something I learned a few years ago!” I giggled. “But I do want to be helpful, after all, that’s a Grandparent’s calling, isn’t it?”
        “Yes, and let me also remind you that we have a Today’s Special for any person who requests a Blessing for someone else.”
        At this point, I rolled over in bed, my left foot stuck out from under the blanket and the chill awakened me. My instant inclination was to pull my foot back into warmth and re-establish my Heavenly Connection to finish ordering Joy’s Birthday Blessing.
        Then the sunshine of God’s truth dawned on my heart with glorious colors. This had been a dream! But as I reached for my Bible on the nightstand God Himself spoke to my heart, “Yes, I do have a Birthday Blessing for Joy for January 13. But there are some unclaimed blessings that she’s been too busy to take. Some are the camouflaged kind.”
        I remembered that yesterday I’d read the words of Jesus in John 16:24, “Until now you have asked nothing in My name. Ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full.” “Oh, Father!” I whispered. “Thank You for loving her and taking care of her. You’re right there with her, and she can reach out to receive your blessings 24-7. Thank you for birthdays and all the other days.”

By Grandma Elaine Hardt ©2011