Sunday, July 18, 2010

That Chocolate Chip Cookie, aka: Finding God

         The man had a very scientific mind, cautious yet studious, sincere about his preconceptions, yet stringently forthright. “Today I must find out about God. I must see Him and know the truth.”      
         He set off for an expedition thoroughly prepared, the best microscope, the strongest telescope, compass, a laptop computer to chart his journey and take notes. Heading in a straight line, he went towards the east, the rising sun. He ran across the land, jumped into the ocean and swam for all his might. He came up on land, ran across it to the next ocean. All along, he made careful observations.
        One day the man arrived back at his starting point, stronger for all that physical exertion, more knowledgeable for all that mental effort. He termed his search for God as a waste of time, for alas, he did not see God anywhere below, beyond or above.
        As he recuperated in his easy chair in his cozy house he pondered his pursuit. “God, I really wanted to find out if You are real.”

        Of a stubborn nature, the man decided to read everything written about God. This took quite awhile, but as he finished each book and ancient manuscript he felt excited to think that surely in what remains to be examined must yield the secret of God.
        But then came the day when the last page was turned. Men and women down through the history of the world had put down their ideas, suppositions, hopes and dreams. He read their theories and unsubstantiated reports.
        The man frowned at the inconsistencies, but at the same time congratulated himself on his exertion. “If there is a God,” he surmised, “He is surely impressed that I have gone to such lengths to find Him. If I have ever done anything to displease Him, surely my efforts lately have earned me points of Good Behavior.”
        As these words rolled through his mind and off his tongue he was shocked. “I spoke out loud without even knowing for sure that there is a God.” But somehow, deep in his heart, he knew.
        How did he know, dear reader? He reached for a chocolate chip cookie. That did it.
        You ask: How did that do it? Follow this sequence. He picked up the cookie and realized the cookie had a maker. Someone had combined particular ingredients in just certain amounts and specific ways. The end result was a perfectly-flavored chocolate chip cookie.
        The man looked at his thumb. His clever mind flew to take inventory of body parts. The cookie would make its way through astoundingly intricate and very different parts of the body. The hand, mouth, teeth, throat, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine. Along the way, the pancreas and liver would do their unique jobs. So, would the bladder and colon. Soon enough, that would trigger the legs to carry the entire physical body to the . . . Well, without going into further detail, the scenario must be adequately clear for each reader’s mind to foresee and appreciate the logical conclusion.
        No way was all of this human body to have designed and created itself from the sequencing of small bacteria or tiny specks of dust blown onto the most perfect global creation of the universe which was most suitable for life.
        Taking a deep breath, the man then opened his eyes wide and exclaimed, “I know there is a God. One perfect, powerful God who designed and made all of this.”
        At this point, you, the reader are invited to participate in this examination of logic.

Jot down here the attributes a real God would have to have.


Consider the fact that the Creator would have absolute right to set the prerequisites for living beyond the physical body constraints. What do you think He would require for you and every other human being to do, to be acceptable for eternal life?


“But, I can’t get my mind to comprehend never-ending life,” you lament. “The notion of Eternity is too much!” Yes, and what about a permanent end to your life? Isn’t that thought a bit much for comprehension, too? Ah, this proves that you, yourself, are not God.
        Shall we continue? Given His perfection, your imperfection, and the possibility of life after death, now is the time to consider the startling fact that this immense, powerful Creator of Everything has made a way for mere mortals to find Him, to be forgiven of our imperfections and impertinences.
        When we acknowledge our mere “human-ness” and our bratty attitudes and actions, own up to these situations, ask for forgiveness, then we are relieved to find that, as written in the ancient manuscripts carefully copied for thousands of years by a peculiarly dedicated people, the Jews, God Himself paid the price, shedding the blood of His Son Jesus, as the acceptable sacrifice for sins.
        Going on with your most honest assessment, answer this: What would Jesus have to do differently, say differently, be differently, in order for me to believe that He died and arose from the dead, per God’s plan?


In the event that the above questions have not adequately resolved my doubts and fears logically, when will I make the time to review my beliefs?


What hinders me from receiving this Creator God as being the one, actual God?


When will I be able to take that last little step that brings total relief to my searching mind?


Does it make sense, at this point, to read the Bible, Old and New Testaments, to review the information given? (Don’t worry, there is no exam, and you don’t have to read the whole thing right now. Just open it, and read for one hour. See if what you read provides reason for reading further to find what it says about God.)
        If you have continued until this ending, congratulations on your honesty in the most important search in all of life: the search called Looking for God, Finding God.
                                                                            + + +

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May you experience the most wonderful blessing of life, that of knowing the truth of God and Eternity!
by Elaine Hardt ©2010