Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Love Is Not, Love Is

Love is not for mama’s cinnamon rolls or homemade bread;
Love is more than some sweet word, so impulsively said.

Love is not smooth accolades for a favorite sports team;
Love is more than what a compliment may say or seem.

Love is not infatuation or a stolen pleasure;
Love is more than any comparisons can measure.

Love is not a feeling for a job completed, well done;
Love is less for pets, more for your spouse and daughter and son.

Love is not repetition of words of some religious song;
Love is a total commitment, a promise that is life-long.

Love wasn’t invented for a poem or a happy dream;
Love is what God is, more than a wishful idea or theme.

Love is not complacent or thoughtless or pridefully clever;
Beyond our understanding the Lord’s love is forever.

God’s love was described and demonstrated in the cross,
Redeeming people who would otherwise experience loss.

His Word firmly tells us, and God invites us to receive;
Our response to His love is to decide to believe.

Each of us has an appointment when life on earth will end;
Jesus is the only Way, so pray to this loving Friend.

Saved by grace, undeserved, we’ll want to trust Him and obey;
Love takes on real meaning now, for this and every day.

By Elaine Hardt ©2010