Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thoughtful Prayer: A New Look

Prayer, what a misunderstood idea. For some people it’s reciting a special poem. For some, it’s a quiet meditation on “nothing.” Take a new look at thoughtful prayer.

Life will never be the same when we learn both child-like faith and the boldness of a spiritual warrior. Confusion is replaced with confidence, loneliness leaves and in comes love. Irritations evaporate, faith grows stronger when we talk to the Lord.

God is real, and so is prayer.  Try this Thoughtful Prayer sequence. . .

✴ Enter with expectation.
✴ Meet the Lord who loves you more than anyone else.
✴ Express your amazement about His interest in you.
✴ Open the Bible and read a Psalm.
✴ Reveal your shortcomings with honesty.
✴ Relate your needs with openness.
✴ Own up to your uncertainties.
✴ Turn to your Bible and read some more.
✴ Realize, request, and respect His wisdom.
✴ Express your gratitude.
✴ Make known your concerns about others.
✴ Release any fear, pride, depression, confusion.
✴ Claim God’s promises of protection.
✴ Determine to stand against the devil.
✴ Choose to trust and obey the Lord.
✴ Rest in His strong arms.
✴ Leave with confidence.
✴ Remember what you’ve learned so far.

Prayer IS a special place of blessing. God wants to bless you right now in a special way.
# # #