Monday, June 01, 2009

What If?

What if? Two little words can bring a frown.....or a smile. What if?

Two little words beckon our minds to survey, consider, examine, contemplate, and react. What if?

It's an interesting challenge to think things through. From the frivolous to the serious, we can benefit from asking "what if." Depending upon the circumstances surrounding us we might respond with fear or anger, tears or laughter.

Everything from figuring out what to cook for supper, to how best to navigate a sudden spring storm while on the back roads of town, the words "what if" might lead to careful, mature steps which might help us achieve some very necessary results.

Presupposing there are alternatives, we could be playing with, or plagued by, some mental gymnastics. Unless our schedule has us chained to rigidity we have a certain freedom. Perhaps not freedom to change our circumstances, but in any case, the freedom to change our attitude about it.

Eventually, we may even question our own existence! We might find the answer to why we were born and why we will die. People from ancient times until today have concocted all kinds of ideas as to who is responsible for this world, the universe and everything else. Conveniently, some have concluded that there is no creator, hence no requirements, no rules, no qualifications to consider.

Take a look at ninety photos: These views interrupt our small, solitary thoughts with immense, magnificent vistas beyond our small earth and blue sky. Did it all “just happen” and here we are — with no design, no purpose, no future?

A satisfying solution to this what if can be possible for the honest, searching mind willing to spend a little time asking that two-word question. What if there is no creator, no Heavenly Father? What if there IS a God?

It's time for some serious thought about that huge, gorgeous night sky and the One who made it, and us.

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