Sunday, October 12, 2008

My God and I Walk Through Today, Together

My God and I walk through today, together;
He sees and hears all that I say and do.
When problems mount I’m glad He’s my companion;
His wisdom, power is strong to bring me through.

My God and I commute to work together;
I drive the car, He’s with me on the ride.
We talk and sing, our hearts embrace each other;
Stress has to leave with Jesus by my side.

My God and I live in my home together;
I do the chores with Heaven on my mind.
He gives me thoughts to brighten every corner;
Frustration goes, His happiness I find.

My God and I deal with the kids together;
His grace empowers us to live in peace.
We read His Word, He opens up the meaning;
We learn to love forgiveness’ sweet release.

My God and I, with family together
Find help for every struggle’s pain and fear.
He heals and touches all the broken pieces;
I cannot fail since Jesus Christ is here.

My God and I will always be together;
When life’s last breath is taken I will leave.
Earth’s days were only but a moment’s journey;
Heaven’s joy awaits, my Savior I will see.

Dear Lord, I’ll love and worship You forever;
Please keep my heart safe in Your arms of love.
I want to live to bring You praise and glory,
To echo back the angels’ songs above.

by Elaine Hardt ©1996
To the tune: My God and I, by I. B. Sergei
(Austris A. Wihtol) ©1970 by Singspiration, Inc.