Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy — Here? Now? Is It Possible?

Happy to be here,
right now, this time, this place?
Stand tall with confidence,
full of God’s grace?

Circumstances, lingering memories of the past,
Bad news, a frightening scene with a suspicious cast;
Work harder, concentrate more, tell myself a lie?
Success would come if I knew how to try?

Or, plunge into entertainment, relax, unwind?
I’ll not be satisfied until peace I can find.
Somehow I know I cannot avoid responsibility,
I must not rely on my feelings impulsively.

Dear Lord, I will turn to Your Word to see
Spiritual truth to set my questioning heart free;
Life is too short for confusion, depression, anger, fear,
Faithfully, God reveals His Son, and says He is near.

When I really believe, when I really can know
That God’s power is sufficient, it will show;
He wants me to obey, He helps me to trust,
So be happy, I will,
and be happy, I must!

By Elaine Hardt ©2008
Photo by Joy Hardt ©2003