Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Beautiful Photograph Tells Another Picture

Photo by Peter Hardt ©2007

Beautiful scene, was the first comment. Yes? And?
Well, it would be a nice place to visit. The lake and the mountain in the back . . .
The photo sort of gives me a peaceful feeling. I like the calm sky and the reflections in the lake.
So, if you were there?
I’d be surrounded by beauty. I’d see the depth of the distances better. I’d feel the coolness and the quietness.

We were both looking at a photo of Mt. Rainier that my son Peter had sent. I, too, thought the photograph was a masterpiece and proudly displayed it on my desk. But, showing it to my friend I realized how a quick glance does not do it justice. And that came to mind today as I clicked on the Internet for a quick, little Bible reading.

Reading the Bible is like snatching up my son’s photograph and giving it a cursory glance. One quick look and we’re ready to put it down.

Sometimes, when you and I read God’s Word we scan through in search of a particular word or term. When we find it we’re done. We jot down a note mentally or on paper. That’s it.

Taking more time with that page of the Bible we might be able to soak in the surroundings, bring details into focus, reveal the background. We could see things that we missed the first time.

How did the mist arising from the lake affect the photographer’s picture? How close from the lake was the photographer? Were there any other people there at that time? Were they all hushed with the beauty, or chatting before getting back on the tour bus? Is there more to discover, more to learn?

The Bible is a unique book. Picking it up is like holding history in your hands — people’s conversations, people’s lives — God’s communication of goodness and law, love and salvation. There are some details that we can relate to, other information that takes us quite by surprise.

God Himself, our Creator and the Author of the Book invites us to enter into a relationship with Him. Like a tour guide He points out a personal message to us, if we respond to Him.

Consider the beautiful picture of God’s awesome plan for our little planet Earth and its inhabitants — a stunning revelation of truth about Now and Hereafter. Take another look at the Bible!

(Photo by Peter Hardt ©2007. Writing by Elaine Hardt ©2007)