Thursday, May 17, 2007

ABCs of Prayer

Adoring our Lord
Bowing before His throne
Confessing doubt and weakness and sin
Dancing and singing, delighting in Him
Encompassing a needy world with love
Forgiving others, forgiving myself as He forgives me
Grateful for hope in the face of adversity
Having sweet fellowship with Jesus
Interceding in the Spirit
Joyful in salvation
Kept from deception, confident in Christ
Lavishing His blessings on others
Mindful of eternity
Needing nothing else
Overcoming evil in obedience to God’s Word
Praising His name
Quieting my anxious thoughts in the light of His love
Resting in my Father’s arms, receiving His peace
Speaking by faith His Words of deliverance and healing
Thankful for His grace
Understanding little, trusting much
Victorious in His armor, empowered by the Spirit
Weeping over the lost
X excited about what God has already done
Yielding my life, saying Yes to His leading
Zealous to give Him all glory!
by Elaine Hardt ©1995