Sunday, July 23, 2006

Thinking About God

God, it is interesting to think about You,
yet it is really scary, too.
I want to know that You are here and that You really care,
but the implications are overwhelming.

I am concerned about life; so much is beyond my control.
I am afraid of dying and being somewhere in a vast Eternity.
It's easier to pretend that nothing bothers me.

The little child part of me still sees You
as the smiling Jesus in Sunday School picture stories,
and as our Heavenly Father, the Great, Big Person who is very busy.

Forgive me for taking You for granted.
Forgive me for my ignorance and apathy.
Forgive me for leaving out of my daily life a conscious awareness of You.

Give me a new vision of You,
high and lifted up above the universe and all creation,
eternal, powerful, magnificent!

Give me a new vision of You,
Jesus, Messiah, Savior on the cross paying for my sins,
real man, real God!

Give me a new vision of You,
Holy Spirit, God in me, empowering me to trust and obey,
filling every part of me!

Your Word says I am to display Your splendor!
Come upon me, Awesome God; shine Your light on every part of my life.
Expose any sin; cast out everything that is false.
Take away my confusion and frustration.

Your Word says I am to do the works of the Kingdom,
standing boldly against the forces of the devil,
ministering love to the lost and needy.
It's breathtaking to imagine myself doing all of that.

Thank You for this incredible grace and peace and joy,
the free gift of salvation, the promise of Heaven.

I choose to follow You wholeheartedly for the rest of my life.
No matter what happens, I love You, God.

—Elaine Hardt ©1993