Sunday, July 23, 2006

Problems, Trouble, Weariness, etc.

It was “one of those days . . . ”
Aggravating circumstances mounted an attack,
problem people caused me trouble and grief,
my body kept complaining with sickness and pain.
Finally, in desperation I called out to God,
and this is what He said:

It’s a test and it’s temporary;
Do it right or you’ll have to do it over.

People and problems are different everywhere,
yet the principles are the same for everyone.
There are lessons to learn; that’s the truth about life.
If you listen, My Spirit speaks to your spirit,
warning, instructing, reminding:
Stop that, my child. Let Me light your path.

Before fear can paralyze your zeal,
before anger simmers again,
before weariness dampens your joy,
you have another choice.
The right decision can be wrong if it’s too late.

You need to do it My way.
This is a spiritual matter and you’re in the war;
the only land you’ll obtain is
the land you fight for and take.

Your enemy, Satan, is real and his purpose is deadly.
This is a real battle, but the victory’s been won.
You’re there to build your character.

Doing it over the same way as before,
will give no better results than it already has.
Frustration waits to suck out your energy;
depression wants to claim your soul.
There’s no progress with passivity;
no testimony without a test.

So I cried: Lord, give me wisdom,
show me what pleases You the most.
You alone know what’s best;
Your presence in my life, Your power is what I need.
I am determined to do it Your way, now and always.

By Elaine Hardt ©2000

Joshua 1:6-9. Numbers 33:55,
John 14:26, II Timothy 1:7