Thursday, June 01, 2017

Finding Out More

For the newlyweds Guy’s idea was to ask each of the nearest relatives to contribute a Bible verse so he could type it all up as a booklet with a verse a day for a month. Everyone chipped right in and soon the booklet went out to the family and to the bride and groom.  
For the first couple of months it was an interesting “chore” to read the daily verse, see who had sent it in, and give it some thought.  
Guy was curious to see what that daily Bible verse word of instruction or encouragement meant to some of the family. He’d ask Zack first, the oldest brother of the family.  He sent a message over via social media and got a brief report back.  Obviously, Zack was too busy to mention any details. 
Then, it got a little more personal for Guy.  
At the Wednesday fellowship meeting of the OK (Older Kids) at church, the man giving the ten minute devotions read some verses from Revelation.  It was part of a letter to some church in a place called Laodicea.  Verses 14 through 22 was the overall look, with emphasis on “I stand at the door and knock.  If anyone opens the door . . . “  
        He held up a small framed picture that most all the 2 dozen men and women there recognized.  He closed with a short prayer, inviting Jesus to come in to each life and bring His blessing.
Guy’s curiosity woke up there.  He took it on as a personal challenge to dig into more of those nine verses from the last book of the Bible.  But as he looked at the maps in the back and the concordance in the back of his Modern English Version of the Bible he sat down at the computer and hatched some ideas to improve his own understanding.
It turned out to be quite helpful, and he wrote it up for the OK group for next month’s handout.  At the following month’s meeting there was a lively discussion with lots of positive comments directed to Guy.
Here’s a copy of that handout. 
                                                 How to Find Out More
Zipping through that one Bible verse in your family’s daily devotional booklet or reading some devotional on the Internet page.  Try this:  S-L-O-W—-D-O-W-N—-Read that verse again and ask yourself . . .   Don’t know?  Maybe read a few verses ahead and a few verses afterwards.  See if you find a little more background that helps you picture what’s going on …..for them….and in your own life.  
  1. Who is saying that, or who wrote that to someone?
  2. Who did he write it to?
  3. When was it said and written?
  4. Why did he write that particular information?
  5. Do we know what happened afterwards?  Any big change of attitude or circumstances there?
  6. Do you know of anyone in these days who commented on this verse and its surrounding ones?
  7. Have you heard anyone quote that verse or section of verses in giving a today’s version of a testimony in public or in conversation you heard?
OK.  You be a better thinker?  You can apply something from that verse to your own life? 
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by Elaine Hardt ©2017