Wednesday, February 01, 2017

The Missing Gold Ring

    The gold ring was lost, but she didn’t know it.  That old family ring was slightly larger and had been taking the place of her wedding ring since Olivia had put on a few pounds. 
Dressing up to go somewhere, the gold ring went on, but getting back home, the ring went into a pretty cup on the bedroom vanity.  It was a little loose, but doable.  She just didn’t wear it around the house.  The drive to the grocery store would be later this morning, so she didn’t know the ring was missing. 
“Hey, what’s this!” exclaimed her barefoot husband who was walking down the hall.
A quick look, bending over to separate some of the long carpeting fibers turned up that gold ring. 
If he’d been wearing slippers he probably would not have felt the ring. 
Before Olivia knew the ring was missing, there was a nice little surprise waiting for her.  
Ever found something you didn’t know that you’d lost?

When you were a little kid mama may have taken you to Sunday School.  That smiling second-grade teacher told the class about God’s love and you all sang, “Jesus Loves Me.”
Maybe now, you a sophisticated adult, regard yourself as saved and going to Heaven when you die — not to that “Other Place” — when you meet your Maker at the Judgment.
Wait It’s time to update your belief in God, salvation, eternity.
You might have misplaced your childhood dedication to the LORD.  Maybe you memorized John 3:16, but now your assignment is to read the 36 verses in John 3.  Next, take a look at the prayer of Jesus, those 26 verses in John 17.  
What do you think?  Is it time to make a new prayer to God now?  
A wonderful peace of mind, and new confidence and courage to face the challenges of life await you when you update your relationship with God.
+ + + 
by Elaine Hardt ©2017