Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Looking Again at 9-11-01

Shocking, horrible, unprepared 
to face the truth behind the attacks
we saw the devastating crashes replayed over and over
on television, written in newspapers, magazines, posted on internet.
We look again back at 9-11
from our viewpoint of 2016. 

Now, new buildings have been erected there
and people want to forget the trauma
of such unexpected evil.  
We want to emphasize the rebuilding
and stepping up, starting anew, 
with pride in how we have survived these foreign attacks.

The terrible terrorists’ attacks of 9-11-01 
on the World Trade Center in Manhattan in New York City, 
and the Pentagon in Washington D.C,
and the crash in a Pennsylvania field
which killed 2,977 victims,
with 19 hijackers committing suicide in the assaults. 

Lots of details are outlined on the Internet.
If you have time to review: here are three pertinent sources:   = detailed outline day by day —   = has links to major media websites 
uncovering lots of 9-11 facts that were hidden, not broadly publicized — 

So, how do you deal with this hideous, barbaric, hateful act? 
Hurry past and find something positive to come from it?
This was a huge wakeup call for America.
Pray for our nation to repent of sins and turn to God.
Worse, brutal events may be in our future.
Pray today . . . pray now.
  •  by Elaine Hardt ©2016