Friday, February 19, 2016

Changes to That Old Song

        Remember that old song, "Home on the Range"?    Here's a change to the lyrics: 
“Where seldom is heard an encouraging word -- and the skies are cloudy and gray . ."
Does that sound like how you felt yesterday or how you feel today?
Perhaps there’s a simple-something you can do that boosts your happiness level today.  Speak up or write down some simple words of encouragement and send to somebody else.  Even if they don’t reply with an immediate smile via email or in person you can give yourself a nice nod of the head.  
Encouragement can be such a mood-lifter.  Especially if what that person says in return to you is pertinent and true.  Encouragement can be helpful.
So, duh, your encouragement to someone can be short, pertinent, true.  Possibly what you say, or write, or do will brighten their day. 
And later, when you remember that time and that person it will encourage you that you did the right thing.  You will be inspired and empowered to do words of encouragement a couple of times a week.  You up to it?

By Elaine Hardt ©2016