Friday, June 26, 2015

My Morning Conversation With God

Good morning, Lord.
Thank You for letting me see the light of another day.  
God, You are awesome and I am amazed at Your greatness.
I praise You for Your mercy and love.

Your Word says I can come boldly into Your presence, so I do.
I come in faith and obedience.  I come with great expectation.

I speak health to my body . . . 

Every part of me is wonderfully made
and I appreciate how well it all works together.
Now about the ailment or weakness that concerns me:
I speak a total healing to nerves, bones, ligaments, muscles, organs.
I speak a strengthening to my immune system.
You want me to be well, and I want to be well. 

I speak peace to my soul . . . 
My mind, my will, and my emotions come under Your control.
I reject Satan's lies. I receive the truth of Your Word.
I repent of all my sins and receive forgiveness by the blood of Jesus.
I forgive any who have sinned against me.  I forgive myself.

I remind myself that I have accepted Jesus as my Savior.
I welcome the infilling of the Holy Spirit.
I receive Your blessings with gratitude and joy.

Lord, today I am going out in a world that doesn't know You.
When I see evil and unbelief help me remember 
that my enemies are not flesh and blood.
Clothe me with the spiritual armor You promised.
In You I am strong, firm, and steadfast.

You are Almighty God, and I am Your beloved.
Love Your hurting ones through me.
I will walk confidently in the mighty name of Jesus.

                                                                         --Elaine Hardt ©1991