Saturday, March 21, 2015

Looking Around & Looking Ahead

The LORD has something for you to do,
Maybe not the same, but probably new;
Challenges have been piling up, that’s true,
But perhaps that was a growing point for you.

Setting an example, Paul was steadfast, 
He believed the tough times could not last.
Others were blessed, as things got worse for him,
God gave strength when circumstances looked dim;

Finally, things got worse and then Paul died,
No doubt his friends and colleagues cried;
Sooner or later each of us arrives at death,
Where will we go after we take our last breath?

Pray today that your faith stands strong and true,
Pray that the LORD gives wonderful wisdom to you;

Say “I love You, Jesus” whenever you’re in pain,
His Holy Spirit will empower you again.

Tell the others that they, too, can true faith receive,
In Jesus as Savior they must now believe;
Don’t put off things that you need to say and do,
You know in your heart that the Bible is true.  

What an adventure: living and dying!
Soon there’ll be no more sorrow and sighing; 
This is the time for you to trust and obey,
Soon you’ll arrive at your Departure Day. 

By Elaine Hardt ©2014