Friday, February 13, 2015

Who is on YOUR Team? Whose Team Are YOU On?

A team can accomplish more than a single person.  Agree?  
Who is on YOUR team?  And, whose team are YOU on?
Some verses in the Bible in Exodus 17 give us a look at this principle and can give us some insight into our own situation today.
Moses is leading the people of Israel out of their slavery in Egypt to the promised land.  Now they are in a wilderness at a place called Rephidim. Some enemies called the Amalekites came against them and fought with Israel.  
Giving orders; Moses set Joshua as leader of the warriors.  Moses took Aaron and Hur to the top of the hill overlooking the battle. In verses 9 to 11 we read that Moses took the “rod of God in his hand.”  
When Moses held up his hand Israel prevailed against the enemies, but when his hand got tired and he lowered the rod, the Amalekites began to prevail. 
Here’s where his personal team up up there beside him sprang into action.  They got him a stone large enough to sit on, and Aaron and Hur held up his hands.  This was how he was able to hold up that rod until sundown, and the Israelites won the battle. 
Everyone there got to see an amazing victory. Later, thousands would hear about it; then later, millions would read about it. 
God told Moses to write this account for Joshua.  It was not to be forgotten.  And Moses built an altar as his response of worship to the LORD.
You’ll agree that those steps to success make sense.  Realize you have a problem, come up with a strategy.  Get some advice and help from your “team.”  Then do it.  Then analyze it so you and your team gain info that could come in handy some other time.  

So, who is on your personal team?  What do they know about this latest problem?  Communication must be adequate and timely.  Then, as the situation proceeds, orders are given and acted upon.  At the end of the struggle the consequences are discussed, the outcome is shared with others so they can benefit from what’s happened.
Do you have a couple of close acquaintances who will “hold up your hands” in prayer?  Do you communicate with them, and also listen to them?  Are they in agreement with your next actions?  After the struggle is over do you communicate with those who’d benefit from this information?  
         We take the historical mention of “rod of God” to apply to the concept of prayer.  Read about the original rod of God in Exodus 4 and in Exodus 17.  See  
We are reminded of the power of prayer.  We acknowledge the LORD our Maker as we size up the situations of life.  We pray to Him for wisdom, strength, ability, protection.  We worship Him with thanksgiving and renewed dedication — even in the battle, and of course, after the battle.  

Life is a struggle, a battle, because this is how we grow up.  It can be frustrating, but having our team, and also being on someone else’s team, is opportunity for giving thanks to God. We can be blessed and be a blessing.
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by Elaine Hardt ©2014