Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Does It Matter to You?

        Does life present a challenge to the reasonable person? 
        Do you consider yourself a sensible person with logical thinking?  Do you ask pertinent questions and sort through the answers you find?  Are you careful in accepting information you receive?  Is truth important for things both small and large? 
        Sometimes what we’ve heard as we were growing up needs to be updated.  Many new facts have surfaced from scholars, scientists,  even your mom and dad who have now grown a little older than they used to be.
        Here’s a suggestion for you  It’s an experiment in putting two-and-two together. Won’t take much time.  
        Don’t just turn aside; you might be able to explore some ideas that are well worth the small effort. 
        All of the above was a verbal challenge to Chuck. He smiled and 

jumped into it.   
        Randall had explained, “You might have an old book at home, the Bible.  Never mind trying to read that small print.  Go to on your computer and scroll down and click on the version you’d like to look at.  There’s 85 foreign language translations and 46 different English translations.  Of these, 17 have audio.  In the Search box type in “Luke 24.”  It’s just 980 words long. 
        “For this experiment you only read that one short chapter. Find out what happened, who said what, and find out the outcome.  Those were grown men, not kids.”
        “Hmmmm,” was Chuck’s response. “Might could do that this afternoon. I’ll give you my critique Monday at Mimi’s Café.”
        Do you think of yourself as more like Randall or Chuck in the above paragraphs?  
        The subject matters to some people — actually lots and lots of people — and after you jump in to the challenge you’ll make up your own mind at this point in your life.  Not what you used to think or know, but what is sensible and logical at this vital time of your life.  The bigger picture of life really does help: it matters!                  + + + 

by Elaine Hardt ©2014