Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tip-toe Back to Your Childhood Christmas

YES, another Christmas is on the way.  Decorations in the stores have been reminding us since October,  the calendar on the wall makes it plain.  
        You’ve been making lists:  buy this, do that, make some calls, write the Christmas letters.  It’s a little more pressure on an already-busy person like yourself.
        But, take a few moments just now, and tip-toe back to your childhood Christmas.  What do you recall of that Christmas as a little kid?  What was it like when you were in grade school and had that first party?  How did you celebrate in the following years?  Anything you would have changed?

        When did you first hear the Bible account of Jesus’ birth?  And, when did you, as a grownup, first believe the truth of Jesus’ life on earth and His love for you?  
        For a memorable Christmas this year you will want to revisit the message of God sending His Son, Jesus, who went about the country teaching and doing miracles.  The historical fact of His death and resurrection makes a powerful impact all year.
        In the midst of the celebrations, music, gift-giving, and necessities for the holiday in 2013, we are deluged with news reports of severe events throughout the world.  There is no “peace on earth.”  Of course, we all hope and pray for peace, for sensible things to happen, for decent responses by leaders of all the nations of the world to the disasters and wars.  But, that’s not happening because of the sin, greed, lust, and evil that people choose to do. 
        Serious things are happening that will impact you and everyone else.  Here’s where a thoughtful person asks themselves, “What if  - - -?” and makes some mental and physical preparations for even worse circumstances to come.
        Each of us has a choice of how to respond.  Now is the time to settle the issue of the truth of God’s invitation for forgiveness.  Now is the time to open the Bible and read those four Gospels.  This is a logical thing to do now, before you get too busy.
        Tip-toe back to consider your childhood Christmas, but consider how things have changed.  Then, smile as you accept the reality of joy and peace of mind as you prepare your heart for Heaven.  What a gift from God

By Elaine Hardt ©2013