Sunday, May 12, 2013

Something to Consider

        Got an open mind?  Ready to exercise logic?  Willing to discuss some situations of life that many of us have experienced? Real people with real problems challenged me to write 67 short stories, related articles and poems that can offer hope and help. 
This new e-book,Your Discovery, Your Decision  can be read on your computer and other e-reader devices. Click on this link  or by entering that URL in your computer’s search box on Google, Firefox, etc.  By clicking on “Send Sample Now”  or “Click to Look Inside” you can preview 10 pages on your computer or e-reader device.     
        Yes, that's our son Peter standing atop Merry Go Round Rock in Sedona, AZ.  Photo by Joy Hardt ©2003.  (Click to enlarge.)
Purchase the e-book for 99 ¢ and see what possibilities will inspire and encourage you. 
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