Thursday, August 02, 2012

Some Questions to Consider, Personally

Is there an adventure not attempted? 
Tender feelings not expressed?
A challenge side-stepped, which might have made you stronger?
Light-hearted humor too long repressed?
An interest, a talent not developed?
Some desired exploration up to now unknown?
The heart’ s desired relationship with God unfulfilled?
A flower garden neglected, seeds not sown?
A goal that seemed daunting, but might have proven worthwhile?
A friendship left to languish for lack of a little time?
A sin not confessed, a fear not faced?
Some story not related? A mountain never climbed?
Compliments stubbornly stuck in the craw?
Self-forgiveness still denied?
Generosity never released?
Blessings of obedience to God not realized?
Are there words left unwritten or unsaid
which would be someone’s treasured memory?
Check yourself . . . Opportunities await;   
Consider these questions, personally.
         by Elaine Hardt ©1998