Monday, November 21, 2011

The Most Important Thing May Be Missing!

The most important thing, (do you agree?)
May be missing from Thanksgiving Day,
Or perhaps it’s something you don’t see;
I’d like to mention it, if I may.

Some treat themselves with food and fun,
They chat with friends and family,
They watch TV when that is done;
“Honesty” is missing completely.

Some avoid talking to God, our Maker,
But we must do it honestly;
He’s the Giver, and we, the taker,
Being thankful takes sincerity.

Is evolution what you really believe?
No Creator who is Somewhere above?
No forgiveness that you need to receive?
No use for a Savior’s love?

The most important thing in life :
Being honest with God, talk to Him, too;
Find inner peace, avoid careless strife,
Accept how much God values you.

None of the above would really matter
And no one would ever ask, “Why?”
All of this talk would be mere chatter
If we didn’t know that people die.

Can you bravely raise your voice,
And embrace His love, and be set free?
Yes, to each of us is given the choice
To consider God with honesty.

Every day can be a thanks giving day,
Say goodbye to gloom and frustration;
Don’t miss out being thankful, I’ll say,
Enjoy a time for celebration!

By Elaine Hardt ©2011