Saturday, October 29, 2011

One Reason to be Thankful

        Need a reason to be thankful?  A trip down memory's lane, via the old photograph album might be just what you need . . .
        Washing clothes outside on a sunny day was quite a chore. In cold weather mother would be downstairs in the small dark basement in a room lined with shelves full of jars of food she had canned. The clothes lines were strung across the room, and some long wooden poles helped prop them up when they were heavy-laden with wet clothes.
        Wouldn’t she be surprised to see our washing machines and clothes dryers now! We can be thankful for electricity and the genius of people who invented the amazing machines in our homes.
 (Mary Anderson, 3-24-1856 to 3-7-1939; 
she was my dad's grandma)
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