Thursday, July 07, 2011

Who Wins This Scientific Argument?

“If there is a Great Creator of All and I’m fairly certain there could be,
He’s too Magnificent and Big and Grand to be concerned about a person like me.”

The young man turned away, as if to end the conversation at the start
Which cautiously I had begun to share the burden on my heart.

(Challenging, exciting, sobering the outcome would be that day;
Follow along to see what happens, then decide what YOU would say.)

“Good news!” at once I blurted out. “Our Maker is Magnificent, Big and Grand.
He cares so much for each one of us; upon this fact I take my stand.

“You invent a god of your own named Chance; in your intellect and heart you bow;
You scientifically study the stars, but the real Creator you ignore now.

“You disrespect the one true God, and yet you do believe in things you cannot see;
You know that death does come to all, yet you’re headed towards an unseen Eternity.

“What intellect and power it took to make humans to live on this amazingly-designed earth;
God giving us the free choice to believe or not demonstrates your own incredible worth.

“God showed His love for every one of us; in His astounding way to forgive sin
His Son Jesus died as perfect sacrifice. Confess, receive Him: new life will begin.”

At that, he turned back to look my way, I could see a solemnity;
With unspoken prayer I nodded,  hoping I could continue sensibly.

“Well, you’ve said a mouthful in all of that,” was his sincere and thoughtful reply.
“But I see a confusion of religions, that I need to consider before I die.”

We both paused in the argument, sensing an adventure we could take —
Me, with faith in the One True Creator,  he, struggling with a decision to make.

“People everywhere may seek for truth, but they settle for less,” I finally said.
“No one else claimed to die to pay for sin and have visibly risen from the dead.”

Of course, there was more I could have mentioned; I should have explained it better, too.
He had to hurry off that day, for he had important things to do.

Here are some facts to be considered,  and if you, the reader, have read this rhyme
I also pray for your life-decision:  none of us has an unlimited time.

The Bible, unique in proven history tells of God’s great love and wonderful plan:
God gave free will to everyone, a choice for every woman and man.

We must search for truth, don’t stop too soon! Read the Bible, the life of Christ is given,
There’s no need for you to miss that glorious Eternity in Heaven.

By Elaine Hardt ©2011