Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Amazing, Scientific Thinking

Look up in the sky, everything just happened!
Scientific thinking is just dandy;
There’s no Divine Intelligence, no Creator,
Our philosophy is just handy.

With no one to credit, then no one to obey
Naturally we can do as we please;
Life comes and goes, and somehow we’re related
To primeval slime, and birds and bees.

But some call for respect and greater care
To honor Gaia, Mother Earth,
From ancient times until today
We decide upon everything’s worth.

We explore the moon and discover the stars
And plot them across the sky;
We scrutinize and experiment,
We just can’t agree upon “why.”

A God would have to be big and immensely wise,
And amazingly powerful;
Since no one has located Him in all these years
He’s not there or He is invisible.

If God was real and He had plan to save us
We’d be admitting to having sin,
Yet some would struggle with attitude and actions,
Denying a conscience within.

In resulting confusion and contradiction
Some would be bound to disagree;
If God really made us and knows us
Our inner intentions He would see.

Yes, it’s true that everyone does die
and if there’s life thereafter
do you want to plead ignorance, ask for mercy
and see if there comes disaster?

At this point the Christian believer
Claims to have the greater prize,
Faith in God may turn out to be more important
Than the scoffers realize.

Forgiveness has an amazing value,
Freely given, it came at an astounding cost;
God’s great love shown in sending Jesus
Proclaiming: without Him we are lost.

Have you made your own decision, or postponed
Waiting until your dying day?
It’s more intelligent to settle the issue,
So, friend, what do you say?

by Elaine Hardt ©2011