Monday, February 14, 2011

A Wake-up Call From Disappointment, Your Temporary Friend

        Hello, this is Disappointment calling. Don’t hang up! I have an important message for you. And I promise I won’t stay long, if you’ll take the time to listen now . . .
        Today, I am your Temporary Friend. And, I won’t move in and take a long time, if you give me a short time now.
        I don’t deliver solutions; those are hidden from you in plain view. I hang around and keep you from going on like you’ve been going on.
         So, settle back in your chair and let me do you a big favor. Ready?
        From this vantage point take a backwards view. You stood for awhile in the sunshine of a small success, then shadows advanced.
        Now, here I am with my advance notice to you: things won’t improve until . . . until . . .

         Do I have your attention now? Changes have imposed conditions in your life. The only one you’re in control of, is you. In these dark, confusing shadows five choices are up to you.

        What do you want to do?
1. Embrace entertainment and a noisy crowd?
2. Retreat like you’re beat?
3. Postpone progress while you trudge on your treadmill?
4. Ignore me awhile longer until my boss, Mr. Depression, shows up and moves in?
5. Or, if the grass looks greener on the other side you will tell me, “Good-bye!”

               So, if you’re ready for #5 . . .
You’ll go on to acknowledge four things.
1. I accept the fact of my circumstances.
2. I accept the fact that God, Creator of the Universe says He loves me.
3. I accept the fact that God wants me to learn.
4. I accept the fact that God empowers me to move on.

        When you’re strictly honest with yourself the first three are so logical. Now the last one is where you stretch and grow. Yes, even though crummy things have happened to you and around you lately, if you are ready to make the big experiment here’s where you step up to the plate and hit a home run.
        That Bible, the dusty book over there on your shelf, has some amazing, loving, tender, yet strong words to say. Some young guys probably about the age of 30 experienced it for themselves. These guys accomplished some astounding things when they followed Jesus to see what He did and listen to what He said, and then they did what He told them.
        Yes, that was a LONG time ago, but God isn’t wishy-washy or fake like some politicians and rich men. He’s not demanding like the gang that acts like big stuff, there in your town. He doesn’t contradict Himself or change the rules of life. He really loves you, and Jesus is the proof of that.
        So, God being the One who made All of This is looking for people who choose to believe, choose to trust Him, choose to act on what’s good not bad, and choose to reach out to receive His empowering to live a new, fulfilling life.
        The huge deciding factor is so evident: people die. You know that’s true.
        When YOU tell me to move on, I will. After all, that’s my slogan, “I’m your temporary friend.”
+ + +
Let Disappointment serve his purpose,
Stop, look and listen to words of hope.
The change you make, to turn to God
Makes life worth living, then you can cope!

There’s a brighter future coming;
Be encouraged for God’s Word is true.
Talk to Him, now from your heart,
Jesus knows and loves and cares for you.

        In the Bible, read just 3 pages, the chapters 14, 15, and 16 of John. See what Jesus said and did. See if it brings a smile to your face and a new peacefulness to your heart!
+ + +
By Elaine Hardt ©2011