Thursday, August 12, 2010

Prayer Is Not, Prayer Is

PRAYER?  God hears what you’re saying;
He already knows what you need,
But putting it in words is good for you.
Read about prayer in the Bible
As Jesus’ example you heed;
You want to do what is true.

COME TRUSTING as a child,
Come as follower and friend.
Confess your shortcomings and every sin;
Ask for forgiveness and life without end.
You can pray wherever you are!
Receive God’s presence within.

PRAYER IS NOT made to rock or tree
Or good people who have died;
Our Creator is the One to whom we pray,
There is no deity beside.
We show to Him our deep respect;
We come to Him no other way.

PRAYER IS NOT a business deal,
An agreement on each part;
It’s not a litany of worry’s gloom,
Nor the scheming of the heart.
It’s not a list airmailed to Heaven,
Nor anticipated doom.

PRAYER IS NOT a recital of complaint,
Nor a poem quickly read;
Prayer is more than satisfied pronouncements,
More than flowery words said.
It’s not full of pride and self-promotion,
Achievements or announcements.

PRAYER IS an acknowledgement,
Openly with truthful word,
Recognizing who our Creator is;
Even a sigh can be heard.
Every praise, thanksgiving, and accolade,
Of course, is rightfully His.

PRAYER IS faith’s experience,
In the Bible it can be learned;
Be sure to remember you’re saved by grace,
Your salvation is not earned.
Prayer celebrates God’s loving blessing,
Prayer is abiding in this place.

By Elaine Hardt ©2009