Sunday, October 18, 2009


        Besides my published books I've been writing smaller, self-published booklets. I make them on my computer, using bluesquirrel's program, Click Book. The booklets are free. Send me an email to to make your request. Here's the list of titles updated to December 9,2017.
Booklet 1: Finding God in Different Places
Booklet 2: Thoughtful People Ask Questions
Booklet 3: Health & Healing
Booklet 4: Discoveries
Booklet 5: Something to Think About
Booklet 6: Why Not?
Booklet 7: Oh, Joy! A New Look at Life
Booklet 8: Short & Simple: Poetry and Prayers
Booklet 9: A Perfect Gift
Booklet 10: When It Happens
Booklet 11: Grandma Cares!
Booklet 12: Lots of Reasons to be Happy
Booklet 13: Snuggled Up: Conversations with Grandma
Booklet 14: Confidence & Peace of Mind
Booklet 15: Interesting Possibilities
Booklet 16: Love, Comfort, and Hope
Booklet17: Fascinating Journey
Booklet 18: Blessings for You
Booklet 19: Simply Said: Basics
Booklet 20: Your Achievement
Booklet 21: Somebody Cares
Booklet 22: A Path, A Tree
Booklet 23: What’s New
Booklet 24: This is for You!
Booklet 25: Lights, Sun, Moon, Stars
Booklet 26: Meet a Few Friends
Booklet 27: Time to Grow
Booklet 28: Encouraging You
Booklet 29: Heart to Heart
Booklet 30: Celebrating Change, Challenge
Booklet 31: Life’s Trail: Discoveries that made a Difference
Booklet 32: Little Book of Happy Poems
Booklet 33: Friendly Conversation
Booklet 34: A Happy Marriage: Opportunity, Challenge, Blessing
Booklet 35: ABCs for You & Me
Booklet 36: Life's Trail: Part 2, Experiences that call for Faith
Booklet 37: Interesting Improvements
Booklet 38: Boys & Men: Appreciating Them
Booklet 39: Stepping Stones to Serenity
Booklet 40: Opportunities You've Possibly Overlooked
Booklet 41: It's About Time!
Booklet 42: Cheering You On!
Booklet 43: You Have Some Blessings to Share (Write Them Down)
Booklet 44: Enjoying Your Favorite Seasons of the Year
Booklet 45: The BEST is Yet to Come
Booklet 46: An Attitude of Gratitude: Who, Me?
Booklet 47: 69 Words of JOY for YOU
Booklet 48: Coffee House Chronicles
Booklet 49: Taking a Closer Look
Booklet 50: Making a Decision: logic, courage, determination
Booklet 51: Open for Opportunity
Booklet 52: What is Faith?
Booklet 53: Finding HOPE for Today and HOPE for Tomorrow
Booklet 54: A Look at Love
Booklet 55: Coming to Confidence in Life's Challenges
Booklet 56:  Exclamations !!!
Booklet 57: Comfort, Confidence, Courage!
Booklet 58: I Will Have a Good Day!
Booklet 59: Greater Things
Booklet 60: Patience:  Who, Me?  When?  How?
Booklet 61: Another Look at Determination
Booklet 62: From Motivation to Celebration!
Booklet 63: MORE Peace of Mind
Booklet 64: Words: Choose 'em, Use 'em
Booklet 65: What Matters
Booklet 66:  Yes, I Can!
Booklet 67: WISDOM
Booklet 68:  Forgive?  Forgiven !!!
Booklet 69: Taking Another Look
Booklet 70: If You Knew How Much God Loves You
Booklet 71: My Completely Wonderful Blessing
Booklet 72: Asking Questions?  Finding Answers?
Booklet 73: Oh, Honestly!  Humorous & serious look at prayer
Booklet 74: Consider Your Success
Booklet 75: To Be, or Not To Be -- HAPPY!
Booklet 76: Good For You!
Booklet 77:  What a Relief!
Booklet 78:  What's Next?
Booklet 79:  Some New Words for Some Old Songs
Booklet 80:  Let's Be Practical
Booklet 81: Spring is Here !!!
Booklet 82: Easter Encouragement
Booklet 83: Your Determination, Your Success!
Booklet 84: More to Think About (Good for You)
Booklet 85:  Helpful Strategy
Booklet 86:  Good Morning
Booklet 87:  You Are a Special Person
Booklet 88: One Day Older !!!
Booklet 89: Your Amazing Brain
Booklet 90:  Improving Each Day
Booklet 91:  Helpful Conversations
Booklet 92:  More Encouragement
Booklet 93:  Looking at Success
Booklet 94:  Getting Better
Booklet 95: Your Bright Ideas
Booklet 96:  Thanksgiving 2017
Booklet 97: Here Comes Christmas
Booklet 98: Your Wonderful Future
Booklet 99: One a Day